Joella. 21. Literature Major.
I love baseball with every fiber of my being; the Atlanta Braves are my homeboys. I will someday own the coolest library ever. I like One Direction too much, and have a blog devoted to that here. Have a wonderful day!


"text me when you get home" means "i love you, be safe." 


Big Ben - London - England (von Simon & His Camera)

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my spirit animal

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One of my favourite used book stores! The building is about 800 sq ft of shelves and piles like these. It requires a lot of digging to find things, but the prices are worth it (averaging about $3 per book)!



Tree roots winning their battle against concrete

Love pictures like this.

I just told my future roommate for the chicago program i’m doing that I’m going to the one direction show in st louis next week and that i was really annoyed that i’m missing their shows in chicago even though i’ll be in the same city as them for it I was expecting her to judge me for it, but she was extremely jealous instead! that’s a pleasant surprise

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